When off-the-shelf is OFF-THE-TABLE

Often, software that suits specific needs simply isn’t available on the marketplace. When packaged solutions aren’t sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise.  We at MIVB custom-build to your specifications – with competence, and deliver on its promise of certitude.  Customer involvement in software development is key in building successful software products.   We understand your requirements and provide incremental improvements and enhancements of our software services.  With solid security fundamentals inbuilt into your application from day one, you are bound to get secure and process driven business applications that are superlative.  We work with a variety of platforms, and languages.

Has your earlier attempt not succeeded !

If your earlier attempt to build an app has not succeeded, worry not.  There are many reasons why it may not have succeeded, fret not, MIVB can make it happen.  Whether its half way through, or a messy situation you cannot explain, or simply an issue with resources, let us know.  With years of experience at hand, we will find a way out for you and make your app come to life, in no time.

Have an idea to make your own custom app; but you think its too expensive !

We often relate and co-relate the custom app development effort as being inherently expensive.  You would be surprised to know, that modern tech allows us to build apps in a much more competitive way and even much faster.  Custom app development is often perceived to be costlier, than off the shelf solutions, but with all the know how of the tech you are bound to find MIVB competitive enough to get you off the ground, if you are looking to do a custom app.  Contact us for a no obligation quote free of charge, to find out whether its feasible.

Do you own the source code rights  to your custom app ?

At MIVB we believe transparency is key to developing healthy business relationships and apps alike. When you deal with MIVB for any custom app development projects, you get access to your source code, with no questions asked.  Also there is no bill to pay, because it was yours in the first place.  You get unconditional access to your source code.

Next time you engage with a company, make sure you know what your rights are with regard to intellectual property related to your source code for your custom built app.