Email on the cloud

Having issues with your email or have you outgrown your current email system.

Its time to switch to office 365 Cloud Based Email.  Some cool features of office 365 based email are as follows

50 GB Mailbox for each email user
1000 GB of Microsoft One Drive for Business Storage per user.  Yes you read it right, 1 TB per user, plus it syncs directly from your PC to the cloud, plus it also has a builtin backup system, if you ever want to recover a deleted file or a corrupted, you can do it all.
Microsoft One Drive Storage is the best available tool, to save guard against malware and ransomware attacks, where you can quickly restore your data, you don’t have to pay to recover your data.
Your see the same mailbox on the web, on your smartphones and on your pc, your contacts and calendars are all synced up in real time.
You also get to use Microsoft Teams, to do voice and video conferencing with users in your company or outside.

Move your on premise IT workload to the Cloud

Have you outgrown your current IT infrastructure.  Are you looking to do an Infrastructure upgrade.  Are you just not able to keep pace with the technical jargon which comes with the word “CLOUD”.

Let us help you assess, whether it is a good idea to move your current IT infrastructure or part of it to the CLOUD.  Let us help you find efficiencies, in your IT budget, to help you get the most, out of your IT Bucks. 

Online Backups

According to a report, not all backup systems are able to restore data in times of need.

Its time you build a strategy to also have your data away from your office in an alternate location.  Not all solutions are created equal, we work with the best vendors in the cloud industry, to get the best bang for your IT Bucks.

We can offer you a rock solid online backup solution, which directly backs up your data to the cloud.  So you can rest in peace.

Are you facing issues with your cloud, let us know we can help improve it !

Have you already subscribed to one ore more cloud services, but are falling short of business objectives, you set out while migrating to the CLOUD.

Getting the right performance juice out of your CLOUD is no child’s play, you will need experienced hands to get the most out of your CLOUD setup.

Let us do a NO OBLIGATION consultation, to help you address any short comings, and let us help you find more efficiencies, in your existing CLOUD setup.