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We all have worked with many service providers in our every day profession, to name a few are IT Service Providers, Internet Providers (telecom companies), Mobile Service Providers, courier companies, to name a few and many more providers.

Often we experience, we have been given a service or product we don’t need, e.g. a 100Mbps Internet connection, even though, we do not need it or given a service which is inferior to what we needed, e.g. we we were sold a 1Mbps connection by our telecom.

The service provider actually cut corners, in the first case by giving us what we did not need, in the second case for a service we could not do without, even though we had other options wide open in spite of the information available to the telecom rep.

To put this in perspective, lets take a more detailed incident.

Background: Recently I worked on a project, we were a total of 5 teams, I was heading my team, I was the Project Manager, given a task to manage a team of sub contractors hired by my customer, I was tasked to get a web site done hosted on a Mobile Device, with offline web server. It was slightly sophisticated, we were trying to do something different and with a very aggressive turn around, literally.

The website lead developer I was working with, was technically very skillful, but, never gave me the support I needed, to finish the project in time. Each time we had a change request, no matter how simple or hard it is, the default reply would be, that would not be possible, due to technical constraints, without even trying, even though the billing was on an hourly basis, so there was no question of cost over runs or effort over runs.

I had to actually present him with the evidence, that it was indeed possible, to get it done. It felt like I was working for the developer not the other way around. If possible, I could have changed the contractor, but it was late in the day, we were very tight on time. Bottom line; worked extended hours, where we could have avoided, due to the attitude of the lead.

Thankfully I had the exposure and hands on experience in various technologies, I would not take a NO for an answer, hence each time the situation arose, I would then present multiple ways to make the same thing possible.

Had I not possessed the exposure, the project would have ended up in a nightmare.

This is a very common situation, which many of us can relate to. It is never a good idea to work with a provider whether big or small, who cuts corners and does not take complete ownership and responsibility of the job.

Some of the early signs of a provider who is aiming to cut corners are:

  • Each time you request a change, you are threatened with an inflated bill, even without the change being completely understood.
  • If you confront with the solution, they would want to challenge you, without even trying it out or checking at their end.
  • They will always refer to the exact scope of the job and get away with it, citing scope concerns. Surely a slight variance in scope which requires minuscule effort can be and should be accommodated.
  • They will use extreme technical jargon to justify their view and keep doing it until you agree.

These are some common pointers, that you are stuck with a provider who is cutting corners.

At MIVB Information Technology we don’t believe in cutting corners, we believe in full ownership of the project until its complete and accept any challenging situation which may arise and work towards resolving it, rather than use it as a tool to extort money from our customers.

We at MIVB #ITify any need you have, Contact us to experience the change.

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