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An IT department is made up of a complex environment of hardware, software and computer networks that allow you to perform important business functions and work flows such as accounting and financial processes (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), email and document creation.  Your company’s success depends on it being able to use these functions reliably and efficiently.

We look at the top 6 benefits of outsourcing your IT department to an experienced and credentialed Managed Services Provider (MSP):

  • Control and Reduce Costs.  When you outsource, you eliminate the costs associated with hiring an employee, such as management oversight, training, health insurance, employment taxes, retirement plans etc. and you will able to control costs by paying a set monthly fee, so you know what your expenditures are and they do not fluctuate month to month.
  • Focus on Your Business.  It is neither practical, nor possible to be a jack of all trades. Outsourcing lets you focus on your core competencies while MSP can focus on your IT.
  • Monitoring of Your IT Environment.  Qualified MSPs have the tools and staff who can foresee serious issues within your IT environment and can fix them before downtime occurs.  They would be able to advise you on necessary future upgrades to avoid any future downtime.  MSPs can also take care of day-to-day tasks such as software updates and patches, anti-virus updates, data backups, and inventory auditing and control.
  • Minimize Risk.  Outsourced IT providers work with multiple clients and need to keep up on industry best practices; they typically know what is right and what is not.  This kind of knowledge and experience dramatically reduces your risk of implementing a costly wrong decision.
  • Free internal resources(Staff) for other purposes.  You may have someone in your office that is pretty good with computers or accounting, but most likely these were not the jobs he or she was hired to do.  If they are spending time taking care of these things, who is doing what they were hired to do? Outsourcing allows you to retain employees for their highest and best use, rather than wasting their time on things that may take them longer than someone who is trained in these specific areas.
  • Access to the latest and greatest in technology.  Outsourcing gives you the benefit of having more than just one IT professional.  Since it’s the core competency of the company, they can give you sound advice to put your IT dollars to work for you.  Additionally qualified MSP Company tests the engineers they hire and maintains their training and examinations on a continual basis to keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies.

At MIVB Information Technology we help you to achieve all of the above goals.

Below is what MIVB will do as part of the MSP offering:

  • Conduct an inventory of hardware and software and document the inventory.
  • Check for hardware and software warranty expiry and verify legal compliance for software.
  • Provide recommendation for hardware and or software improvement where necessary.
  • Create and document the IT policy, backup Policy
  • Fine tune your IT Infrastructure in line with industry best practices.  Patches, firmware updates.
  • Develop and document external vendor information 3rd Party Applications, support not provided by us.
  • Provide unlimited remote support.
  • Scheduled or emergency onsite visit.
  • To simply put it we own up your IT Infrastructure.

Why MIVB Information Technology?

  • 14 Years of Excellence, 3 office locations.
  • We don’t use unwanted technical jargon.
  • We are your IT Department we are not a hardware seller or software seller.
  • We suggest the best suited technology and approach within your budget and needs.
  • Easy to understand billing terms & measurable SLA .
  • Multiple Support Channels.  Live Chat, Telephone and Email.

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